About the Company

It started with a discovery of excessive and oblivious waste. What happens with candles when they pass their purpose? What is their purpose? These days, they’re often a centrepiece at events to entertain, create glamour, luxe - to demonstrate surplus or excess.

But what happens after the event? The crowds leave. The candle burned, not exhausted but extinguished and retired. Blemished residual wax is discarded as landfill. Unaware of the waste created, it’s easy to ignore and move on,

Born is paradox. We recycle used candles, wax and wicks no longer fit for their purpose, melt them down and create new purpose - we add scent, we add intent. A purpose that is magnified, that creates lasting and contagious resolve - more than that - The creations support a cause to solve a problem.

Often these problems are misunderstood, conveniently ignored or misdiagnosed, like the wasted candle. What was considered useless and used is not used, but only in the act of discarding without purpose do these candles find true purpose. That is the paradox. We take what was once loved and is now defunct and turn it into something valued. We create joy, stimulation, provoke thought, consideration and radiate good for the benefit of others. Paradox candles bring awareness and support, shining a light on real issues that need answers. Proceeds are donated to the cause each candle promotes.

If you have a cause worthy of promotion, send us a message and we’ll mould resolution and create lasting impact together.

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If you have a cause that you'd like to give a voice, visit our facebook page and share your thoughts. We create fragrant candles for causes of all kinds, with all profits donated to the cause each candle supports